How to Keep Your Child’s Circumcision Wounds Healing

For a few days, the circumcision wound will be reddened and sore.
The cut edge will seal over the entire day. Behind the glans will form a small, flaky scab. This will
eventually fall off within a week. The wound will develop a yellow or a green patch that is associated to the healing
process. The scab will last for two weeks before fading. It is possible to remove it yourself, but it should not
get wet.

Although the incision will appear reddish and tender, it should become less painful by day 3. The penis will look bright red and skin
color. Some bleeding may occur, but this is normal. The first seven to 10 days will be the hardest, as you will need to apply
Vaseline to the entire circumcision area. The
plastic ring should fall off within 14 days. However, it is best to not remove it.

The incision will start out red and tender, but it should be less painful by the third day. It is quite common for the penis to turn darker than the surrounding skin, especially when the child has excess pubic fat.
It is normal and not something to be concerned about. Vaseline can be
applied directly to the glans of the circumcision to prevent it sticking to the skin


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