Trip to California

I just returned from another trip to visit my parents in the US with my boyfriend for the holidays. My parents live in the SF Bay Area, I grew up there and moved here to Tel Aviv when I was 19 and have lived here ever since. Every year I go to visit them around this time, and I always love to go to catch up on my shopping because its so much better there:) This time a lot of my friends were there also visiting so we did a lot of day trips up north to the Russian River and to Santa Cruz as you can see in the photos. I also love visiting my dog Toffee who is the most adorable labradoodle you’ve ever seen. My boyfriend and I also flew down to LA to visit some friends there and it was so fun to see them.

This time going was a little bit different in the shopping sense I felt like I really had a new experience. I would usually shopping at local malls and in the streets of San Francisco but this time I realized that most of the shopping I did if not all was online. This is a fairly different experience for me because here in Israel people don’t usually buy online but it has really become a norm in the US. Even to the point where we would go to visit stores and they would tell us a lot of the times that the item that we want isn’t available in store but that we had to order it online. Then what’s the point of even going to the store?! It was just a new experience for me and it kind of made me think of the future. Would there not be anymore malls in the future? Would everything eventually be online? Would we ever leave the house the buy anything? Just some interesting things to think about. Hope you all had an amazing summer and looking forward to winter and a new year:) xx Karen

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