Trip Home to California

I just got back from another trip home to the states to visit my parents. They live in the Bay Area, California where I grew up and I had such a fun time visiting them- especially my little niece! I think my favorite part about flying home to America is the fact that I’m able to shop online with minimal shipping fees and no taxes. It’s something that I really miss here in Israel where a lot of the times its even not possible to receive certain items online. So, I did a lot of shopping! This visit I also spend a lot of time with family, I went to the Zoo with my brother and his adorable daughter which was so much fun. I also had some of my favorite foods from California like In and Out as you can see πŸ™‚ Its great to be back in Israel but I always miss a bit of Cali when I am here. Hope you love the photos and until next time guys! xx Karen

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