Swimwear Trends – Flounce Bikini, One-Piece and More

A moment before summer arrives and we are all getting ready for bikini season, I wanted to give you guys my take on the hottest trends in swimwear. Some of my favorites are the flounce bikini, mesh bikini, and one-piece which we’ve been seeing everywhere lately. I’ve started searching for new swimwear to update my closet a few months now- as I’m sure most of you have, too! Also, I’m sure many of you came upon the website Zaful which is a really popular place to buy swimwear and they are also really affordable compared to most other places. Because of this, and the fact that they ship internationally I thought it would be nice to pick my favorites from their website.

The first you see is the flounce bikini of course. Flounce meaning an extra layer over the actual bikini and it adds a little frill and a bohemian vibe to it. Number 3 and 4 and both one pieces which are very on-trend this season and also very forgiving for when you are not in your best shape:) Number 5 and 6 have a bit of a mesh detailing which I love and adds a little pop and extra detail to your suit. Also, number 6 has my favorite striped lining which is another detail I love- very 90s. And finally, number 2 is a bralette type of top which is a cut that is also very popular this season- a nice alternative to the traditional triangle bikini. I’ve linked all of swimsuits you see above down below of course and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave me a message below! Until next time xx Karen

  1. Pink flounce bikini
  2. Bralette top bikini
  3. Plunge neck one-piece
  4. Striped one-piece 
  5. Shell mesh triangle bikini
  6. Striped mesh bikini

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