Suburbs in Cali

shoes Zara // dress ASTR // hat Shein

I always thought the growing up in Sunnyvale, California that it was such a boring place and so un-stylish. I wished I lived in New York or Europe where the streets are cobblestone and the buildings were tall. But actually it was this visit that I realized that there is a real beauty to the openness and emptiness of the suburbs. Especially after following blogs like Always Judging and Peace Love Shea, I fell in love with the retro, California vibe photos that evoked such coolness. So anyway, I decided I was going to take advantage of what the suburbs had to offer and find some awesome spots to take photos. My first idea was to find an old car which wasn’t hard to do and these photos came out just what I imagined. The outfit matches in a light beige color palatte with the studded ballet flats as a contrast. Hope you love it! More photos from California to come πŸ™‚ xx Karen

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