Ktima Thrinax Handmade Soap

(link for soaps)

I received these olive oil soaps straight from Greece last week and I am absolutely loving them. I’m always looking for products that are good for the skin with no chemicals or artificial substances that can be harmful. You never know these days what has an affect on our bodies with all the junk that is processed in products these days so its nice to find something that is all natural and good for you! The soaps come in a few different containers- first there are the regular hand and body soaps that come in two sizes- small round and large rectangular. The scents are all different which is so cool! There are smells like chamomile and rosemary, citrus mix, kiwi & poppyseed, and cornmint. Then they are two jars with a body butter and body wax. The wax is a more thick texture and is great for really dry areas like hands and elbows. There is also a large colorful fuzzy looking soap which is a felted castille soap and smells amazing!

You can find the soaps that Leo (the guy who makes to soaps) on Etsy. The link is here to my package you see above (click for link) and there are a variety of other packages and soaps that he sells there. If you are ordering for the first time- you also get free shipping which is great beacuse it gives you a chance to try out the soaps for less to see if you like them first. And its also a great way to support an independent product when it feels like everything lately is produced by corporations. Hope you liked this post and let me know what you think of the soaps if you try them! Until next time xx Karen

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