DIY Tutorial – Lace Up Pants

Latest of my DIY tutorials! This one has to be my favorite so far. Inspired by Kim K and Kylie Jenner, I’ve been seeing these pants everywhere but couldn’t find a pair that I liked online. So I decided to make it myself, of course. The tutorial is actually a pretty easy one- you just need a sewing machine to attach the eyelet tape. If you don’t have one- borrow from someone or have someone stitch the seams for you! Hope you like this tutorial and until next time! xx Karen

Swimwear Trends – Flounce Bikini, One-Piece and More

A moment before summer arrives and we are all getting ready for bikini season, I wanted to give you guys my take on the hottest trends in swimwear. Some of my favorites are the flounce bikini, mesh bikini, and one-piece which we’ve been seeing everywhere lately. I’ve started searching for new swimwear to update my closet a few months now- as I’m sure most of you have, too! Also, I’m sure many of you came upon the website Zaful which is a really popular place to buy swimwear and they are also really affordable compared to most other places. Because of this, and the fact that they ship internationally I thought it would be nice to pick my favorites from their website.

The first you see is the flounce bikini of course. Flounce meaning an extra layer over the actual bikini and it adds a little frill and a bohemian vibe to it. Number 3 and 4 and both one pieces which are very on-trend this season and also very forgiving for when you are not in your best shape:) Number 5 and 6 have a bit of a mesh detailing which I love and adds a little pop and extra detail to your suit. Also, number 6 has my favorite striped lining which is another detail I love- very 90s. And finally, number 2 is a bralette type of top which is a cut that is also very popular this season- a nice alternative to the traditional triangle bikini. I’ve linked all of swimsuits you see above down below of course and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave me a message below! Until next time xx Karen

  1. Pink flounce bikini
  2. Bralette top bikini
  3. Plunge neck one-piece
  4. Striped one-piece 
  5. Shell mesh triangle bikini
  6. Striped mesh bikini

Shopping in the USA

Karen Or, Israeli fashion blogger from Street Chic Tel Aviv, on her trip to America

Karen Or, Israeli fashion blogger from Street Chic Tel Aviv, on her trip to America

Karen Or, Israeli fashion blogger from Street Chic Tel Aviv, on her trip to America

Karen Or, Israeli fashion blogger from Street Chic Tel Aviv, on her trip to America

Karen Or, Israeli fashion blogger from Street Chic Tel Aviv, on her trip to America

Karen Or, Israeli fashion blogger from Street Chic Tel Aviv, on her trip to America

Last week I got back from a trip to visit my parents in the states and came back with a suitcase full of goodies, as always. I know its so much easier to buy stuff online in America so when I go I do it strategically and start ordering things online a week before I even get there.

The first purchase I made was through eBay. I knew I wanted to buy a designer bag and the only way to do that online would be to ship to the states because here in Israel theres like 30% tax on any shipment worth over $70 (so annoying, I know). So, I was scrolling through Vestiare Collective for vintage Chanel bags and then realized that it might be easier to find cheaper ones on eBay. Low and behold, I was right! Little known fact, there are a ton of Chanel bags sold from Asia, Japan in particular, and they are totally real just used. I spent hours digging through eBay to find the perfect bag and at finally found this beige colored quilted Chanel bag from the 90’s – isn’t it amazing? I’m in love. It does get a bit dirty sometimes because of its color but I just use leather cleaner to wipe it off every once in a while.

So my next big purchase was a pair of good fitting mom jeans. I already own one or two, but you can never have enough, right? This one I knew I wanted to get good quality so I just went straight to the Levi’s website and ordered the one pair with the best reviews. It’s a high waist light washed denim and when I got it in the mail it fit perfectly. I added a white leather belt to the cart just so I would have free shipping (I always do that) and ended up loving the belt, too.

Once I arrived to the states, right before Passover dinner lol, I spent about an hour surfing through the Urban Outfitters website. I love the collaborations they do with brands like Champion and Adidas so I went on there to see if I could find something good. Unsurprisingly most items were sold out in my size but I didn’t care because I like ordering things in a bigger size. Sometimes I just like the fit better and other times I can make it smaller with my sewing machine (the perks of knowing how to sew). So the Champion sweatshirt you see in the photos was ordered online that day in a size L, I love the fit of it and now my boyfriend just wants to steal it from me so I have to make sure it stays in my closet 🙂 Next I ordered two Adidas t-shirts with the three stripes on the shoulders in white and navy. One was regular tee in a size M and the other was a small crop top that looked similar. I couldn’t decide so I just ordered both but once I tried them on I realized the crop top would be less useful- I just don’t really go around with my tummy out. So I stayed with the M sized tee and it fits okay I can always take it in a bit.

Lastly- Nordstrom Rack. Oh, how I love that store. Won’t go into all the details of everything I tried on and returned and bought again- but I ended up getting those red Ferragamo sunglasses you see in the third photo, along with the Sincerely Jules shorts you see in the first photo. Love those shorts, I have to say the fit is amazing! She really knows how to make casually fitting shorts for summer so good for her, Sincerely Jules:) I also got another pair of cute denim shorts with patches and a black lace mini dress for just $30, it used to be like $120 so it was such a good deal. I have a lot of weddings coming up in June so that dress is going to be really useful.

Besides that I ended up getting some stuff on Amazon like those yellow sunnies in the photo with my dog and the cropped hoodie you see in the photo. Stay tuned for my next tutorial on how to make those lace up jeans that I am wearing in that same photo. So easy to do and I wear them all the time! Well, hope you like this post, sorry if its a little long and until next time when I post the DIY video! xx Karen

Trip Home to California

I just got back from another trip home to the states to visit my parents. They live in the Bay Area, California where I grew up and I had such a fun time visiting them- especially my little niece! I think my favorite part about flying home to America is the fact that I’m able to shop online with minimal shipping fees and no taxes. It’s something that I really miss here in Israel where a lot of the times its even not possible to receive certain items online. So, I did a lot of shopping! This visit I also spend a lot of time with family, I went to the Zoo with my brother and his adorable daughter which was so much fun. I also had some of my favorite foods from California like In and Out as you can see 🙂 Its great to be back in Israel but I always miss a bit of Cali when I am here. Hope you love the photos and until next time guys! xx Karen

Trip to Eilat

Last week I went on a family trip to Eilat. For those who don’t know, Eilat is the southern most city in Israel on the border with Egypt and it is known to be a vacation spot for beach goers and scuba divers. I haven’t been there since I was 19 in the army and I discovered how beautiful this city is! The gorgeous blue water with the backdrop of the red and orange mountains is just breathtaking. Would definitely recommend visiting there if you are ever in Israel! Hope you love the photos and until next time xx Karen

Ktima Thrinax Handmade Soap

(link for soaps)

I received these olive oil soaps straight from Greece last week and I am absolutely loving them. I’m always looking for products that are good for the skin with no chemicals or artificial substances that can be harmful. You never know these days what has an affect on our bodies with all the junk that is processed in products these days so its nice to find something that is all natural and good for you! The soaps come in a few different containers- first there are the regular hand and body soaps that come in two sizes- small round and large rectangular. The scents are all different which is so cool! There are smells like chamomile and rosemary, citrus mix, kiwi & poppyseed, and cornmint. Then they are two jars with a body butter and body wax. The wax is a more thick texture and is great for really dry areas like hands and elbows. There is also a large colorful fuzzy looking soap which is a felted castille soap and smells amazing!

You can find the soaps that Leo (the guy who makes to soaps) on Etsy. The link is here to my package you see above (click for link) and there are a variety of other packages and soaps that he sells there. If you are ordering for the first time- you also get free shipping which is great beacuse it gives you a chance to try out the soaps for less to see if you like them first. And its also a great way to support an independent product when it feels like everything lately is produced by corporations. Hope you liked this post and let me know what you think of the soaps if you try them! Until next time xx Karen