Bananhot Bikinis at JR Fashion

JR fashion - Bananhot - צילום נטע אלחימיסטר 5

Last week I attended the Bananhot Bikini X JR Fashion event at the Duty Free. Bananhot is a bikini line started by the famous Israeli model Neta Alchamister and Noa Beny. They design the swimsuits themselves, which have a brazilian look to them, high rise waist line and colorful colors and prints. I personally have been following them on Instagram for quite a while and am absolutely in love with the bikinis, especially the lace ones! The event was held at the JR fashion store, the James Richardson fashion section. It is the first time that James Richardson is selling Israeli designers at the store so its great news for other Israeli designers as well. The event was such a success and next time you are at James Richardson in the Tel Aviv airport make sure to visit the fashion section for the Bananhot bikinis! xx Karen

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