A Baseball Cap and Flower Prints

top UO // pants Brandy Melville // shoes Zara // sunglasses Ray Ban

I’ve been really into baseball hats lately, as you can tell:) This outfit was inspired a bit by Kylie Jenner I love how she mixes sporty with sexy – as I did hear with the cap and lace up shoes. Its also definitely a big part of the athliesure trend thats been happening lately. The lace up shoes are from Zara, a few seasons ago. The pants are new from Brandy Melville that I got on my last visit to the states. I’m always looking for a good pair of loose fit pants to wear with crop tops. The cap is from Urban Outfitters but actually you can find one like it anywhere- its a really basic cap. I bought another one off of Amazon and it looked exactly the same. Well, hope you loved the post! UntilΒ next time! xx Karen


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